The developer contacted us in 2014-2015, i.e. the period of property market crisis and highly volatile demand, with request to develop a concept for a part of their gated community complex. The task was to make the complex more attractive by giving it a distinctive identity while ensuring flexibility for the development process, i.e. to provide an opportunity to determine the size of each building at the start of construction depending on the existing demand.

A rival architectural firm proposed a high-rise development with 50,000+ sqm of living space. Partnering with a Japanese bureau, we designed a 54,000 sqm residential development plan with better technical and economic parameters. This was our first experience of creating a master plan for a whole development complex. We studied the city planning documentation and took into account all terrain constraints of the site.

Our Japanese architects came up with an elegant and creative concept of blocks and “nests” for this low-rise complex. The complex was comprised of 8 blocks 16 “nests” each. Each so called “nest” had three or four 2-3 storey buildings with an “oasis”, i.e. green area for recreation, in the middle. Nests were connected by walkways that intersect in the middle of each block. The area of this intersection also had playgrounds and sports facilities with small local shops and cafés along the streets. This way residents could enjoy the services and the comfort of a city while living in a countryside complex. And the structure of the complex, where you pass common areas and areas of “nests” on your way home, helped people build connections and a community of neighbours.